Who are we?

We are Fight Band! We take our passion for music and our love for our school and combine it to make an awesome musical ensemble. Our group is composed of friendly, spirited, and overall awesome people who love to have a good time.
We are supported by McGill Athletics. You can visit them here.

Why You?

We don't ask for extreme talent or extreme spirit, just a light heart and fun intentions. So if you love to play music or you are totally into sports, think about coming out and joining Fight Band! If you don't play an instrument, don't turn your head away quite yet, we have things for you to do too. We are looking for brass, woodwind, and percussion players and a super-spirited, sports know-it-all Brigade Leader. Check out this section for more, and please don't hesitate to contact us!

What Do We Do?

We play at McGill Athletics sporting events, including football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and of course hockey! Depending on the rules of the sport, our goal is to play short jingles or longer tunes to get the fans excited and the players energized. Our schedule varies, but we generally play one or two games a week.

We know, we know... practicing can suck, but it's a necessity! We have weekly rehearsals to make sure our music is up to par. Needless to say, however, rehearsals (and what comes after) can be just as fun as some of the games.


Athletics is pretty awesome! You will get free entrance to all of the events we play at, and you will get pizza before every game. Pretty awesome, eh?

Fight Band Garb
Naturally we all want to look like a group, so you are entitled to our "uniform" (or what the most people refers to as a "t-shirt"). We also have sweaters and toques available!


We are not super intense, but we do try to sound our best. So, we ask that you try to come to as many practices and games as possible. However, missing a rehearsal or game here and there won't get you kicked out either...

Fight Band aims to provide an awesome environment to socialize in, and to do this we do ask for a bit of money if you join. Our membership fee is 25$ per school year.