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For Our Alumni, Our Most Recent Newsletter:

October 4th, 2014
Hello to the Fight Band Alumni!
I'm emailing you to let you know that we'd love to have you around sometime this semester for another fabulous reunion! If you could please give your availabilities on the doodle here, we'd all be eternally grateful. Please think about all of your availabilities: we'd love to have ALL of you here at the same time.
So what is going on with the fight band lately? Well, we started playing at baseball games, the first one being just this past Thursday! It was quite the success and Macdonald campus students were very welcoming :) We're looking forward to attending more! Our initiation this year was also quite the success! Apartment hopping, lots of drinking, Rasputin, a TMNT-themed team of newbies, La Banquise, grounders, and Root Beer Magic. Our new members have quite the energy!
Our CD should be available soon -- so keep posted!
Talk soon & hopefully see you all very shortly!
Your lovely VP Alumni, with all the fight love,
Maude Lemaire